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Remix of : Sia - Breathe me composed by DEGIHEUGI


This is a remix of the wonderful song ''Breathe me'' by Sia.

It must have been a long day of work
I can't support my eyes anymore
I'm tired, I'm pissed,
I hate those people once again
I guess it's normal
My eyes are killing me
I close them for a sec and let my head fall
Between my nightmares and my bus home
Another day another fucking way to get stone
They try to say it
I'mma say it I'm a dead soul
My mind is empty like I'm very trying to be so cold
Don't need nobody like I'm a lost ghost
Haunted by the tragedy of my lifeline
I'm building castles in the fog
I'm getting too far from my home
I barely have enough to scream out for some help

I'm ready for this war just like I said I thought I was
You know you've killed me like a lot and now I'm alive but I'm fucked
We've been tryin to solve my soul but it's a goal we couldn't hold on
I woke up in a dream where I felt asleep in the cold water.
But you don't bother
You left me all alone with a passion and a paper
And an addiction to my failure
I'm a sick man with a disease
With a sick mind and a sick me
But I'mma get sane, but I'mma get dreams, but I'mma get up til I get free


released July 27, 2013



all rights reserved


ANDRRE Montréal, Québec

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